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unity is strength

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unity is strength, Once upon a time, there was a farmer. He was honest and hard working, lived lived in a village. Farmer worked hard full day in the field and grow crop and earn money with that. He had three sons. All of them are hard worker but quarreled with each other. Full day they didn’t work and slept all the day. Farmer tried a lot to unite them but he failed to unite his children. He asked suggestions to many people but nothing worked. One of his neighbors told him about a saint. He went to the saint. Saint heard his problem. Saint told him a suggestion.

Farmer came back to his house. He called all his sons. He told his youngest son to bring out three sticks. Younger son bought three sticks and put them in front of the his father. Farmer told his songs to take a stick. Songs picked up the stick. Farmer told them for breaking, one by one. All tried and broke the stick very easily. No one could not understand; what was happening and why their father said to do this…?

unity is strength

moral of stories in English

Now farmer collected all the sticks and made bundle of it and told to his sons to break that bundle. First eldest son tried but he failed, After that second son tried. He tried many tricks but he failed too. Now thirst and youngest son got the chance. He tried like others but same thing was happened with youngest son.
Farmer took the bundle and said, “when all the sticks were alone every one of you broke it easily but when it united no one of you were able to break. Same thing is applied you also. When all of you not unite, anyone can break you easily. Sons understood and stopped fighting and started helping each other.”(unity is strength)

Moral- Unity is Strength

moral of stories in English

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