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12 Best Moral Stories for kids

Farmer and cow

Stories with moral

Stories with moral– There was a farmer lived in a village. Farmer had a cow; she was very beautiful and gave lots of milk. Farmer used to give green grass and chaff to the cow. People purchased milk from the cow because milk was very tasty and healthy.

One day cow was unwell and she gave less milk. Farmer avoided and didn’t take this serious. This was continued next days also. Now farmer didn’t like this because his income was decreased. After fifteen days cow stopped milking. Now farmer was fed up with this and he throw her outside of his house. She was very weak due to her illness.

The condition of the cow was seen by the person standing there named Raju. He took cow to his house. Raju gave food and medicine to the cow. She gave birth to the a calf and started recovering in few months started giving milk. This time cow gave more milk than earlier. Raju started selling the milk in the market. Soon Raju became rich.

The farmer knew this. He went to Raju’s house to take his cow. Raju refused to give cow.

Farmer- Raju, Give my cow back..
Raju- this cow is not yours. When you throw her from that day this is not yours.

Farmer in threatening voice- Give my cow
Raju- lets go the head of the village.

They went to the head of the village both told the story. Head listened and told both of you right in your place. Let ask the cow to whom she want to live.
Cow took there and stand her in the middle of both of them. Cow went to Raju.
Head told, “cow wants to live with Raju. So she belongs to her.”

Lesson – we should take care of our animals.

Stories with moral

Greedy friend and three ghosts

Stories with moral– Once upon a time there was a boy lived in a village. He was very poor lived with his old mother. One day he was going through a forest. In the middle of the jungle three ghosts lived on the tree. They saw that boy and decided to scare him. First but he didn’t scare and told them he will kill and eat them. Hearing this, ghosts became afraid and said, “Leave us.” And offered him anything in place of his life. Boy was poor so he decided to take anything which gives him food. Ghosts gave him a magical earthen pot and told him this magical pot gives you any food which you will want from it.

Stories with moral

Boy took that pot and came back to his house and told the story to his mother. Both asked the pot many dishes. Pot gave them. Mean while his friend came to his house and saw all this. He took delicious food also. He came from far, so he stayed there. In night when everyone slept his friend woke up and changed that pot from ordinary pot. In morning he went back to his house. Boy asked food from that pot but it didn’t give anything. He angered on this and took that pot to ghost. Boy scolded them. Ghosts took that pot and gave a magical goat to him.

He took goat. Goat had magical power. She gave gold in place of its shit. Boy started giving lots of grass and he got lots of gold. Boy’s clear friend got to know this. He came back again in his house and changed the goat. Next day goat stopped giving gold. Boy angered again. He went to ghosts and called them. Said, “You make me fool. Now I will kill you.” Ghosts scared and asked everything which was happened. Boy told everything. Ghosts understood everything. They gave a stick and said, “This magical stick will help you from your enemies.”

Stories with moral
moral stories

Boy took the stick and came back to the house. He put that stick in the corner of the room. Next day his friend came again to know about new magical thing. Boy told about its magical stick. His friend thought that if he got that magical stick it will save him from his enemies. He planned to steal that too. In night when all slept he tried to change the stick. As he touched the stick, It started beating him badly. He started crying. Listening his voice, every one woke up. Boy saw all this and he knew that his friend stole all his magical things.

His friend realized his mistake. He returned all his magical things.

Stories with moral

Ant and the Pigeon

Stories with moral– There was a tree by the side of a river. An ant lived in the roots of the tree with its army. Ant was very slavish and worked whole day. That ant was youngest among them, so she had to do lots of work of her family. One day all of the ants gave her clothes to her for washing. She had to wash the clothes. While washing clothes, she fell into the water of the river and started crying for saving her but other ants were sleeping in their bedroom in the air condition. Now ant thought that she would have to die

Stories with moral
Funny Stories

A pigeon lived on the tree. He was seeing all this interestingly. Ant saw him and said, “What are you watching..? Is it playing an action movie..?” Pigeon said, “No.. No.. it’s not an action movie, it’s a comedy show.” Ant said, “Do you have smart phone..? I have to post my current status on what sap and Instagram. Pigeon said, “Sorry…Recharge pack has expired.” You miser said ant. Few more birds had come there and started recording the video some birds started facebook live. Seeing this, ant felt herself as celebrity.

Stories with moral
Funny Stories

All this, News reporters got to know this. (Bugs were news reporters). They reached to the location with their camera man and satellite. All bugs asked him about her last wish. If you show me on T.V. my last wish will be complete, said ant. All reports started completing her last wish. At that time pigeon thought that if ant had die, she would be famous. Pigeon immediately picked a leaf of the tree and dropped on the water near the ant but ant did not want to sit on the leaf. She wanted to famous. Every one told her again and again but she didn’t sit on the leaf.

Now, the navy of the river got to know about this. Navy was controlled by the fishes. She immediately sent three ships to save the ant. Ships reached there and saved the ant.

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Honest Wood cutter

Stories with moral – Long ago, there was a woodcutter, lived in a village. He was very honest and sincere for his work. He had to go in the deep forest and cut the branches of the tree for his livelihood. This was the his daily routine

Stories with moral

One day, he cut the tree whose branches goes above the river. He was cutting the branches above the river. While working his axe fell into the river. The river was deep; he tried a lot but he failed to get his axe back. He started crying because he had only one axe. Without it he was not able to earn his bread.

Listening this, river goddess came out. He asked hi, “why are you crying..?” Woodcutter told all the incident. Goddess went into the river and bring out a silver axe and showed to him. She asked him, “is it your’s..?” Woodcutter was honest. He replied, “this is not mine.” Goddess went again and bring golden axe. She asked again same question but he refused.

Listening this, river goddess came out. He asked hi, “why are you crying..?” Woodcutter told all the incident. Goddess went into the river and bring out a silver axe and showed to him. She asked him, “is it your’s..?” Woodcutter was honest. He replied, “this is not mine.” Goddess went again and bring golden axe. She asked again same question but he refused

Moral – Honesty is always best policy, so we should always be honest.

Stories with moral

Gratitude of the Clay (Moral story)

Stories with moral – There was a potter who was making something with clay. His hands were filled with clay soil. Suddenly, his wife came there and asks him that what he was doing..? Potter replied politely to his wife, “I am making a chilam (Hookha, used for smoking). It has big demand in the market. So it will sale in number of quantity and we will earn more money.” His wife told, “Why are you making chillam. You should make water pitchers because summer season is coming. It will have more demand than earthen pipe in the market and it will sale in number of quantity. Potter liked this idea and said, “You are right dear.” Then Potter started mashing and mixing the clay and started giving beautiful shape to the clay for making water pitcher.

Stories with moral

There was a potter who was making something with clay. His hands were filled with clay soil. Suddenly, his wife came there and asks him that what he was doing..? Potter replied politely to his wife, “I am making a chilam (Hookha, used for smoking). It has big demand in the market. So it will sale in number of quantity and we will earn more money.” His wife told, “Why are you making chillam. You should make water pitchers because summer season is coming. It will have more demand than earthen pipe in the market and it will sale in number of quantity. Potter liked this idea and said, “You are right dear.” Then Potter started mashing and mixing the clay and started giving beautiful shape to the clay for making water pitcher.

Stories with moral


Stories with moral – One day a man went to a clinic t check up for his eyes. He sat down on couch for waiting of his call. He saw that doctor was checking eyes of other patients with his own experimental common specs and there was a board in front of patient. Doctor put first specs on patient’s eyes asked the patient had he seen what is written on the board…? Patient replied, “No, it is not visible to me.” Doctor again change the specs and asked same question. In this time the patient was not able to see. Third time doctor change specs and asked same thing. This time patient saw everything clearly.

Stories with moral

The man who came there for checking his eyes was observing the doctor and the patient. The doctor called another patient and tried same steps. Doctor tried two glasses but third glass was working on that patient.
The next call was his person who was waiting. The doctor tested all glasses one by one on him and asked him, “can you see now..?” doctor tried many glasses but he couldn’t see. Now doctor asked him , “Are you eligible for reading.” The man said, “No, I am illiterate. That’s why you could not see. The doctor said.
Doctor said, “What are you doing here…?”
That person replied, “I thought after wearing glasses I will able to read everything.


The doctor explained him, “the spectacles help you to see when you are literate.”

Moral – we should not compare us with other.



Sharing is Caring (Moral Story)

Stories with moral – It is really true that sharing is caring. By sharing we do not, share only things but also our emotions and feelings to each other. It is not important that only costly things can make your relationship strong. Even less priced things with love, make relationship healthy.
I like to share one incident with you. When I was young and studied in class 5th. There was a boy in my class whose name was John. He lived in our colony; his father and my father are friends. That’s the reason our school was same. School was far from our houses. We used to go to school by school bus.

One day as usual we got ready for the school. We boarded the bus and put our bags on bus roof. We pass our journey by talking. When we reached the school I took by bag, but john did not find his bag. He tried a lot but he couldn’t. John was very upset. He asked bus driver and other students about the bus, but no one knows about the bag. We reached the school and told accident to the principal. everyone felt that bag had fallen on the way. We searched bag on the way and asked many people but we could not get. He didn’t have the bag, so he went back to his house and I went for my classes.

Stories with moral
Moral Stories

After the school I reached the house. Everyone had known about this and all are distressed because our final exam was about to start in few days. John was very worried about the notes. In the evening we went to john’s house and I offered Xerox copy of all the notes. He smiled and thanked me for this help. We studied hard and our teachers and parents also help us in our studies.

Exam had over. This was a time to celebrate and enjoy. We played full day with any restrictions of the parents because they gave us time for playing. We used to go parks for swinging. Along with this we used to go to the houses of other friends, who were our friends. One day we went to the house of one of our classmate. He, also used school bus for commuting. His name was Jacob. He was not good in studies. Teachers always scold him for his escapade. We played chess.

Stories with moral


Jacob and his brother were in one team. I and john were in second team. While playing, I needed to go to restroom. The way of the restroom passes through his study room. When I was passing through, I saw a copy and picked up the copy. seeing the copy I was surprised and shocked, that copy was the copy of John which was in the lost school bag.

I suspected and searched his full study room where I found two more copies of the lost school bag. I went to his store room. There I saw John’s bag. First I decide to tell this to all and complain to the school principal, but I thought, “This is not the way by we can correct him; so I, silently came from there and played the game normally. I came back to my house. I was very upset, so I told everything to my mother. She listened me very carefully and told me, “we should improve him without insulting him or his family and we should not complain, so that he will not do this in future.

As we are free so all we decided to join singing classes in the evening. Our parents agreed on this and paid our fee. We started going. Our teacher was very strict. We learnt very things in the singing. Also we made one note book to write some points of the classes so that we could recall very thing easily. After one month we had a class test. We were good in singing so we don’t have much tension about the test. Here, I got the chance to recognize his mistake.

I took his notebook from his room. It was last day before test. We decided to revise all the chapters. In morning Jacob tries to find his notebook but he didn’t get. He worried for his test. If we didn’t get good marks, we had to call our parents and our parents definitely scold us. I searched everywhere. He asked everyone but no one helped him. Jacob called us too, But we didn’t tell him anything about this. He was upset all the day. In evening I went to his house, give his notebook and I told him everything. He regretted his mistake and promised us not to do this type of mistake in his whole life.


Sad Rabbit 

Stories with Moral

Stories with moral
Stories with moral

Stories with moral – Once there was a jungle. It was very dense and full of wild animals. All the animals lived together with love and affection. The jungle was dense so it was full of fruits, grass and tree, so every animal got food for his requirement. In the middle of the jungle, there was a pond. Every animal drink, bath and play in the pond. Children liked to play in water. There were lots of trees around the pond, which was full of fruits and give shadow in summer. Animals sit, slept under the tree.

In a year, there was a drought in the jungle. That big and beautiful pond started shrinking. Now animals started getting less water. All the animals worried about the water. The king, lion called a meeting for discussion on this problem. Every animal gathered to discuss this problem. King asked solution to everyone but no one has any idea. One old bear told, “We should move to another jungle.” No one wanted to go from that jungle because that jungle had their parents lived there so they have memory. Among them there was an old rabbit. He was very sad because he spend his childhood there. He had memories of his mother to whom they loved so much. His mother was killed by leopard of another jungle. Old rabbit wanted to spend his last time in that jungle.

Stories with moral
Stories with moral


He decided to worship God of water. He called his brother from another jungle. Next morning both two started worshiping. He continued to worship for a week without eating. Gradually the other animals stated worshiping too. After fifteen day, God impressed with the worship of all the animals. God appeared there and said, “I am impressed with all of you. Want, whatever you want. Old rabbit said all the incident. God said, “I boon to this jungle that the pond of this jungle will never dry.” All the animals started living happily with each other.

Moral- In difficult situation we should not we should not give up and try to find solution of that problem.

Stories with moral


A Greedy Fisherman 

Moral Story In English

Stories with moral
Stories with moral

There were many fishermen lived on the sea coast. They were used to go on coast daily to catch fishes for their bread and butter. Among them there was a poor fisherman, named Oliver. Oliver used to go with them daily. All fish catchers were getting fishes but Oliver get only few small fishes.

One day his got a big fish. He thought, “Today, my family will get enough food.” He took fish in a pot full of water. Another fisherman saw this. He went near to Oliver and pounced on the pot. Pot felt and broke. Fish was alive and suffered without water. Greedy fisherman tried to capture the fish. Fish had sharped teeth. She cut his finger and freed itself. Fisherman went to the doctor.

The doctor treated him and bandaged the finger and called him after three days. He went again. Doctor checked his hand. The wound was more deeper now. The doctor said, “Now your half hand will have to cut otherwise your full hand can be infected.” The fisherman agreed with him and allow him to cut his half hand. Doctor did the surgery and cut the half hand and bandaged again and called him after four days. After four days he went.

Now the doctor examined and said to him, “your infection has started in remaining part of the hand. We will have to cut full arm otherwise your full body can be infected with this wound.”A personnel of the clinic said, “Have you not made any mistake..? haven’t you…?” The fisherman immediately realized his mistake and said, “I did a big mistake.” I snatched a fish from a honest and poor man. He had done hard work and I did wrong with him. The fisherman realized his mistake and searched that fisher man (Oliver) and fall down in his feet. He felt sorry and gave him fish to him respectfully.

Moral – Avarice is the root of all evils


 Life of Seven Months

True and real story

Stories with moral- This is true and real story. I am living in a state of India. This real story happened duration of corona virus lockdown. As everybody knows that there was strict lockdown in India (started in March 2020). This was the time of April 2020. Due to lockdown we don’t have the permission to go outside of our houses. I am a technical person, so in this duration I was developing new skill in me at my house with the help of internet and youtube. I used to work late night. One day, I listened, the voice of new born puppies.

Stories with moral
Stories with moral

I was lived on first floor of the house, so I went in the lobby I looked around my street, but didn’t find anything. I came back in my room and complete my work and slept. In next day same thing is repeated again, similarly I found nothing. Third day, the voice was louder. I listened and went outside and I clearly noticed that the voice was coming from our drainage pipe which was outside of the house and it was used only in rainy season so it was dry and covered with concrete. Our car used to park on this. So this place was the dry and cool. I thought that there must be puppies in side.

Stories with moral
Stories with moral


Next morning, I removed all the concrete stone and I saw there were three cute puppies. I saw them. One of them was very sharp. Two were used to afraid but that was come to us for playing. Gradually, our neighbor knew about that. All stated to give food and milk to them. I used to think that giving food to his mother was more important because mother feed is the best for children. If their mother would healthy she could have fed the puppies. All time they lived and play in the pipe. In May, I thought they should come outside so that they can get in touch with humans. So I removed the concrete. Few days they were hesitated but gradually they were friendly. Now they were growing.

By this, June and July were passed. In august, a neighbor took a puppy (which was smart) to his plot. Now, two were left. All were used to play. Our row was fulfilled with babies. This was the lock down time. People were lost their jobs so robberies were started. In this time that dog family was very helpful to us. Time passed now we got relaxation in lock down.

Now two puppies were grown up. But there was a problem, our street used to be dirty with dog shit. People used to run them so that their main gate would not be dirty. People throw water on them. This was become normal. In the last of September, both of puppies were started vomit blood. We were upset and worried. One of our neighbors called a veterinary doctor and sent him recorded video of those puppies. Doctor said, “They were poisoned.” We were shocked. How anyone can do this type of work. Whoever did this is definitely not worthy of being called a human being.

Stories with moral
Stories with moral


Moral- This is not moral for humans this is for animals… “Save themselves from human being.”


 Magical Broom

Stories with moral – There was a poor boy lived a village. His parents was died in a flood, came in his village. He lived with his uncle and aunty. His uncle and aunty were very cruel to him. They used to make him work. He used to do all house work. He didn’t go to school because his aunty did not want this. The boy was lived in the store room of the house. The room was tiny. He could hardly stay in it.

Stories with moral
Stories with moral


One day, his aunt sent him to the market to buy vegetable. On the way he found the broom seller. The boy found something interesting in brooms and he stood there and watched the brooms. Seller saw the boy. The boy wore old and torn clothes. Seller called him and asked, “What you find interesting in these brooms..?” Boy replied, “One of these brooms has shine and I feel it called me.” Seller heard him and gave that broom which he was watching.” The boy purchased vegetables and came back to his house.

He put that broom in his room and got involved in other works of the house. After completing his work he went to his bed. The broom was watching all this. Next morning the boy woke up. He saw that the store room was cleaned and things were organized. The boy was surprised to see this. He went to kitchen prepared breakfast for others and served to his uncle aunty. He went back to kitchen he saw that the kitchen was cleaned. Now, he thought that that broom is doing all the work. He asked to broom. Broom replied positively. The boy was happy to know this.

Broom helped him in his work. Like this days passed. Now boy decided to go to school. His aunt didn’t allow him to go. Broom changed his uncle’s and aunt’s mind with magic. Now they treat the boy like their child. Sent him school and provide facility. By this magical broom helped the boy.


The Bundle of sticks


Stories with moral
Stories with moral

Stories with moral – Once upon a time, there was a farmer. He was honest and hard working, lived lived in a village. Farmer worked hard full day in the field and grow crop and earn money with that. He had three sons. All of them are hard worker but quarreled with each other. Full day they didn’t work and slept all the day. Farmer tried a lot to unite them but he failed to unite his children. He asked suggestions to many people but nothing worked. One of his neighbors told him about a saint. He went to the saint. Saint heard his problem. Saint told him a suggestion.

Farmer came back to his house. He called all his sons. He told his youngest son to bring out three sticks. Younger son bought three sticks and put them in front of the his father. Farmer told his songs to take a stick. Songs picked up the stick. Farmer told them for breaking, one by one. All tried and broke the stick very easily. No one could not understand; what was happening and why their father said to do this…?

Stories with moral
Stories with moral


Now farmer collected all the sticks and made bundle of it and told to his sons to break that bundle. First eldest son tried but he failed, After that second son tried. He tried many tricks but he failed too. Now thirst and youngest son got the chance. He tried like others but same thing was happened with youngest son.
Farmer took the bundle and said, “when all the sticks were alone every one of you broke it easily but when it united no one of you were able to break. Same thing is applied you also. When all of you not unite, anyone can break you easily. Sons understood and stopped fighting and started helping each other.”


Stories with moral

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