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The Cap Seller and the monkeys

Once, a cap seller was selling his caps in the village. It was afternoon cap seller became tired and exhausted. He took lunch and slept off under a tree. On that tree a troop of monkeys lived, they saw the seller and came down from the tree. They took all the caps from the seller’s bag, wore and went to the top of the tree. (stories for toddlers online)

(stories for toddlers online)

stories for toddlers online

After some time seller woke he found his empty bag, he surprised looked here and there but found nothing. Suddenly, he looked above the tree monkey wore his caps. He tried to climb on the tree to get the caps but it was very difficult for him to get caps from them because monkeys were quick-witted.

The seller got an idea he took off his cap and threw it. Monkeys saw that and repeated what the seller had done. All the caps fell on the land, the seller collects all the caps and went off.

The moral of the story – Never lose your hope. Every situation has a solution. (stories for toddlers online)

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