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Foolish Cleric

There was a little town by the waterway. Everybody lived cheerfully and offered prays and normal petitions at the town Church. Once during the rainy season, it came down vigorously. The stream began flooding and flood entered the town. Everybody began to clear their homes and set out to go to the protected spot.(short stories with 500 words)

short stories with 500 words

One man rushed to the Church. He immediately went to the priest’s room and advised him, “The rising water has gone into our homes and it is rising rapidly. What’s more, water has additionally begun to enter the church. We should leave the town as instantly it will sink under the water! Everybody has embarked to go to the secure spot and you should tag along”. The priest told the man, “I’m not a skeptic like all of you and I have full trust in God. I confide in God that he will come to save me. I won’t leave the church, You may go!” Thus, the man left.

after some time, the water level began to rise and arrived at the abdomen’s church. The cleric hopped on the work area. Following a couple of moments, a man with the boat acted as the hero of the cleric. He told the cleric, “I was told by the townspeople that you are yet inside the church, so I came here to help you, kindly get on the boat”. In any case, the cleric again would not leave giving him a similar explanation. So the boatman left.

(short stories with 500 words)

The water continued rising and came to the roof, so the cleric moved to the highest point of the church. He continued going to God to save him. After some time the helicopter came, they dropped the rope stepping stool for the cleric and requested that he get on and get inside the helicopter so they can take him to the secure spot. Yet, the cleric wouldn’t leave by giving him a similar explanation once more! So the helicopter left to look and help other people.

Finally, when the church almost lowered under the water, the cleric kept his head up and began whining, “Gracious Ruler, I revered you for my entire life and kept my confidence in you! For what reason didn’t you come to save me?!” God showed up before him and with a grin, he said, “Goodness psycho, I came to save you multiple times! I came rushing to you to request that you leave for the most secure spot with different towns, I accompanied a Boat, I accompanied Helicopter! What is my deficiency on the off chance that you didn’t remember me?!”

The cleric understood his slip-up and requested absolution. He got his opportunity to go to the protected spot once again, which he acknowledged.

Moral: throughout everyday life, openings come unwittingly with no recolonization. We neglect to remember it and continue to gripe that life didn’t offer us the chance to have a fruitful existence. Continuously take each risk you will improve a daily existence.(short stories with 500 words)

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