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The Miser and his treasure

Short Stories Online, Once, there was a miser he disguised his gold and money in his garden under the soil. He went daily to check the gold and count every penny one by one. As he did daily, few thieves noticed that the man went daily on the same spot. They follow the man. They knew that man had buried his gold in the field.
At night they went into the field and stole his gold and money. The next day when miser went there and find nothing on the spot he became upset and started crying.

Short Stories Online

Short Stories Online

A man who is passing there he came to the miser and asked all the incident. The man asked him why he buried your treasure..? why you did not save that in your house where you can use that.
Miser told him I will not use that. Only I want to save that. The man put a stone in the whole and told the miser thing this stone as your treasure.

The Moral of the Story – you save money only by not using that, it is just like a waste for you. Short Stories Online

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