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The liar shepherd

Quite a long time ago, there carried on a shepherd kid who was exhausted watching his run of sheep on the slope. To interest himself, he yelled, “Wolf! Wolf! The sheep are being pursued by the wolf!” The locals came rushing to help the kid and save the sheep. They don’t discover anything and the kid just chuckled taking a gander at their furious countenances.(short fables with moral)

(short fables with moral)

(short fables with moral)

“Don’t tell a shameful lie when there’s no wolf!, they said indignantly and left. The kid just chuckled at them.

Sooner or later, he got exhausted and told a shameful lie again!’ ‘once more, tricking the locals a subsequent time. The irate residents cautioned the kid a subsequent time and left. The kid kept watching the group. Inevitably, he saw a genuine wolf and cried, “Wolf! Kindly help! The wolf is chasing the sheep. Please Help!”

In any case, this time, nobody went up to help. Before dinnertime, when the kid didn’t get back, the townspeople considered what befell him and went up the slope. The kid sat on the slope sobbing. “For what reason didn’t you come when I got down on that there was a wolf?” he asked irately. “The group is vanished now”, he said.(short fables with moral)

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