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Sharing is Caring (Moral Story)

Moral Story
Moral Stories

It is really true that sharing is caring. By sharing we do not, share only things but also our emotions and feelings to each other. It is not important that only costly things can make your relationship strong. Even less priced things with love, make relationship healthy.
I like to share one incident with you. When I was young and studied in class 5th. There was a boy in my class whose name was John. He lived in our colony; his father and my father are friends. That’s the reason our school was same. School was far from our houses. We used to go to school by school bus.(Moral Story)

One day as usual we got ready for the school. We boarded the bus and put our bags on bus roof. We pass our journey by talking. When we reached the school I took by bag, but john did not find his bag. He tried a lot but he couldn’t. John was very upset. He asked bus driver and other students about the bus, but no one knows about the bag. We reached the school and told accident to the principal. everyone felt that bag had fallen on the way. We searched bag on the way and asked many people but we could not get. He didn’t have the bag, so he went back to his house and I went for my classes.

Moral Stories

After the school I reached the house. Everyone had known about this and all are distressed because our final exam was about to start in few days. John was very worried about the notes. In the evening we went to john’s house and I offered Xerox copy of all the notes. He smiled and thanked me for this help. We studied hard and our teachers and parents also help us in our studies.

Exam had over. This was a time to celebrate and enjoy. We played full day with any restrictions of the parents because they gave us time for playing. We used to go parks for swinging. Along with this we used to go to the houses of other friends, who were our friends. One day we went to the house of one of our classmate. He, also used school bus for commuting. His name was Jacob. He was not good in studies. Teachers always scold him for his escapade. We played chess.

Moral Stories

Jacob and his brother were in one team. I and john were in second team. While playing, I needed to go to restroom. The way of the restroom passes through his study room. When I was passing through, I saw a copy and picked up the copy. seeing the copy I was surprised and shocked, that copy was the copy of John which was in the lost school bag.

I suspected and searched his full study room where I found two more copies of the lost school bag. I went to his store room. There I saw John’s bag. First I decide to tell this to all and complain to the school principal, but I thought, “This is not the way by we can correct him; so I, silently came from there and played the game normally. I came back to my house. I was very upset, so I told everything to my mother. She listened me very carefully and told me, “we should improve him without insulting him or his family and we should not complain, so that he will not do this in future.

As we are free so all we decided to join singing classes in the evening. Our parents agreed on this and paid our fee. We started going. Our teacher was very strict. We learnt very things in the singing. Also we made one note book to write some points of the classes so that we could recall very thing easily. After one month we had a class test. We were good in singing so we don’t have much tension about the test. Here, I got the chance to recognize his mistake.

moral stories

I took his notebook from his room. It was last day before test. We decided to revise all the chapters. In morning Jacob tries to find his notebook but he didn’t get. He worried for his test. If we didn’t get good marks, we had to call our parents and our parents definitely scold us. I searched everywhere. He asked everyone but no one helped him. Jacob called us too, But we didn’t tell him anything about this. He was upset all the day. In evening I went to his house, give his notebook and I told him everything. He regretted his mistake and promised us not to do this type of mistake in his whole life. (Moral Story)

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