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Helpless Merchant

A merchant was living in a village. He had a donkey. Once, he needed some money so he decided to sell the donkey in the market. The market was war from his house. The next morning he with his son started the journey to the market. (Panchatantra Stories in English)

Panchatantra Stories in English

He sat on the donkey and his son was walking near the donkey. On the way, a man saw them and said how the father is..? He took a rest on the donkey and made his son walk. The man heard this and didn’t like this, so he got down from the donkey and got his son to sit on the donkey. After that, they started their journey.

After some time another person passed them. He said how to shameful this son has. He sat on the and got his old father walked in this hard sun. Again merchant listened to this and didn’t like this. Now both of them decided to walk.

After some time a group of people passed. They said how foolish both of them are! They have a donkey although they are walking. Merchant listened to this. He didn’t like it. Now he decided to sit both of them on the donkey and started their journey.

After covering some distance, a saint was passing he said that how cruel both of father and son are. They killed the donkey by their weight. Merchant adopted all the options he had but he was failed to get everyone happy. Now he decided to do whatever he wanted without caring about people’s views.

The moral of the story – Do whatever you think right. Don’t go to people’s views because you can not follow everyone’s advice.(Panchatantra Stories in English)

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