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Greedy friend and three ghosts

stories – Once upon a time there was a boy who lived in a village. He was very poor lived with his old mother. One day he was going through a forest. In the middle of the jungle, three ghosts lived on the tree. They saw that boy and decided to scare him. First but he didn’t scare them and told them he will kill and eat them. Hearing this, ghosts became afraid and said, “Leave us.” And offered him anything in place of his life. Boy was poor so he decided to take anything which gives him food. Ghosts gave him a magical earthen pot and told him this magical pot gives you any food which you will want from it.


The boy took that pot and came back to his house and told the story to his mother. Both asked the pot many dishes. Pot gave them. Meanwhile, his friend came to his house and saw all this. He took delicious food also. He came from far, so he stayed there. At night when everyone slept his friend woke up and changed that pot from an ordinary pot. In the morning he went back to his house. The boy asked for food from that pot but it didn’t give anything. He angered by this and took that pot to the ghosts. Boy scolded them. Ghosts took that pot and gave a magical goat to him.

He took goat. The goat had magical power. She gave gold in place of its shit. The boy started giving lots of grass and he got lots of gold. Boy’s clear friend got to know this. He came back again to his house and changed the goat. The next day goat stopped giving gold. Boy angered again. He went to ghosts and called them. Said, “You make me fool. Now I will kill you.” Ghosts scared and asked everything which was happened. The boy told everything. Ghosts understood everything. They gave a stick and said, “This magical stick will help you from your enemies.”


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The boy took the stick and came back to the house. He put that stick in the corner of the room. The next day his friend came again to know about a new magical thing. The boy told about its magical stick. His friend thought that if he got that magical stick it will save him from his enemies. He planned to steal that too. At night when all slept, he tried to change the stick. As he touched the stick, It started beating him badly. He started crying. Listening to his voice, everyone woke up. The boy saw all this and he knew that his friend stole all his magical things.
His friend realized his mistake. He returned all his magical things. stories

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