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A Greedy Fisherman

Many fishermen lived on the sea coast. They were used to go on the coast daily to catch fishes for their bread and butter. Among them, there was a poor fisherman, named Oliver. Oliver used to go with them daily. All fish catchers were getting fishes but Oliver gets only a few small fishes. (moral stories short)

moral stories short
Moral Stories


One day he got a big fish. He thought, “Today, my family will get enough food.” He took fish in a pot full of water. Another fisherman saw this. He went near to Oliver and pounced on the pot. Pot felt and broke. Fish was alive and suffered without water. A greedy fisherman tried to capture the fish. Fish had sharped teeth. She cut his finger and freed itself. The fisherman went to the doctor.

The doctor treated him and bandaged the finger and called him after three days. He went again. The doctor checked his hand. The wound was deeper now. The doctor said, “Now your half hand will have to cut otherwise your full hand can be infected.” The fisherman agreed with him and allow him to cut his half hand. The doctor did the surgery and cut the half hand and bandaged again and called him after four days. After four days he went.

Now the doctor examined and said to him, “your infection has started in the remaining part of the hand. We will have to cut full arm otherwise your full body can be infected with this wound.”Personnel of the clinic said, “Have you not made any mistake..? haven’t you…?” The fisherman immediately realized his mistake and said, “I did a big mistake.” I snatched a fish from an honest and poor man. He had done hard work and I did wrong with him. The fisherman realized his mistake and searched that fisherman (Oliver) and fall to his feet. He felt sorry and gave him fish him respectfully.

moral stories short

The Moral of the story – Avarice is the root of all evils

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moral stories short

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