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Farmer And The Cow

There was a farmer lived in a village. Farmer had a cow; she was very beautiful and gave lots of milk. Farmer used to give green grass and chaff to the cow. People purchased milk from the cow because milk was very tasty and healthy.(moral stories in english short )

One day cow was unwell and she gave less milk. Farmer avoided and didn’t take this serious. This was continued next days also. Now farmer didn’t like this because his income was decreased. After fifteen days cow stopped milking. Now farmer was fed up with this and he throw her outside of his house. She was very weak due to her illness.

The condition of the cow was seen by the person standing there named Raju. He took cow to his house. Raju gave food and medicine to the cow. She started recovering in few months. She gave birth to the a calf. She started giving milk. This time cow gave more milk than earlier. Raju started selling the milk in the market. Soon Raju became rich.

moral stories in english short

moral stories in english short

The farmer knew this. He went to Raju’s house to take his cow. Raju refused to give cow.

Farmer- Raju, Give my cow back..
Raju- this cow is not yours. When you throw her from that day this is not yours.

Farmer in threatening voice- Give my cow
Raju- lets go the head of the village.

They went to the head of the village both told the story. Head listened and told both of you right in your place. Let ask the cow to whom she want to live.
Cow took there and stand her in the middle of both of them. Cow went to Raju.
Head told, “cow wants to live with Raju. So she belongs to her.”

Lesson – we should take care of our animals.

moral stories in english short

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