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Magical Broom

Moral stories in english in short -There was a poor boy lived a village. His parents was died in a flood, came in his village. He lived with his uncle and aunty. His uncle and aunty were very cruel to him. They used to make him work. He used to do all house work. He didn’t go to school because his aunty did not want this. The boy was lived in the store room of the house. The room was tiny. He could hardly stay in it.

moral stories in english in short
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One day, his aunt sent him to the market to buy vegetable. On the way he found the broom seller. The boy found something interesting in brooms and he stood there and watched the brooms. Seller saw the boy. The boy wore old and torn clothes. Seller called him and asked, “What you find interesting in these brooms..?” Boy replied, “One of these brooms has shine and I feel it called me.” Seller heard him and gave that broom which he was watching.” The boy purchased vegetables and came back to his house.

moral stories in english in short, He put that broom in his room and got involved in other works of the house. After completing his work he went to his bed. The broom was watching all this. Next morning the boy woke up. He saw that the store room was cleaned and things were organized. The boy was surprised to see this. He went to kitchen prepared breakfast for others and served to his uncle aunty. He went back to kitchen he saw that the kitchen was cleaned. Now, he thought that that broom is doing all the work. He asked to broom. Broom replied positively. The boy was happy to know this.

Broom helped him in his work. Like this days passed. Now boy decided to go to school. His aunt didn’t allow him to go. Broom changed his uncle’s and aunt’s mind with magic. Now they treat the boy like their child. Sent him school and provide facility. By this magical broom helped the boy. moral stories in english in short

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