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Sad Rabbit

Once there was a jungle. It was very dense and full of wild animals. All the animals lived together with love and affection. The jungle was dense so it was full of fruits, grass, and tree, so every animal got food for his requirement. In the middle of the jungle, there was a pond. Every animal drink, bathe and play in the pond. Children liked to play in the water. There were lots of trees around the pond, which was full of fruits and give a shadow in summer. Animals sit, sleeping under the tree. (moral stories in English for kids)

moral stories in English for kids
moral stories

In a year, there was a drought in the jungle. That big and beautiful pond started shrinking. Now animals started getting less water. All the animals worried about the water. The king, a lion called a meeting for discussion on this problem. Every animal gathered to discuss this problem. King asked the solution to everyone but no one has any idea. One old bear told, “We should move to another jungle.” No one wanted to go from that jungle because that jungle had their parents lived there so they have memory. Among them, there was an old rabbit. He was very sad because he spends his childhood there. He had memories of his mother to whom they loved so much. His mother was killed by a leopard of another jungle. Old rabbit wanted to spend his last time in that jungle.

moral stories in English for kids

moral stories in English for kids

He decided to worship the God of water. He called his brother from another jungle. The next morning both two started worshiping. He continued to worship for a week without eating. Gradually the other animals started worshiping too. After fifteen-day, God impressed with the worship of all the animals. God appeared there and said, “I am impressed with all of you. Want, whatever you want. Old rabbit said all the incident. God said, “I boon to this jungle that the pond of this jungle will never dry.” All the animals started living happily with each other.

Moral- In a difficult situation, we should not give up and try to find the solution of that problem.

(moral stories in English for kids)

moral stories in English for kids

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