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Macaw And The Princess

Once, there was a kingdom. Every person of the kingdom was happy and prosperous because king was very kind and cared of his public. King had a queen, who was very cunning. The queen used to do black magic. The king had a beautiful princess. She was daughter of his first wife, who was died of illness. Princess was very honest and simple. She was very soft and kind hearted too. She always used to help others. (Stories for kids)

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story for kids

Step mother didn’t like princess because everyone liked princess than her. She wanted to kill princess. Once he tried to push the princess into the will but she was saved by the God. Princess has a beautiful Macaw parrot. Parrot was given by old lady of her kingdom for her kindness. Macaw had red, green and blue feathers. He was very beautiful, charming and affectionate.

stories for kids

Stories for kids

The macaw had divine powers. One day her step mother gave her a poisoned cup. Macaw dropped the cup with its beak. Poison fell and spread on the floor. By this second attempt was fail because of parrot. The queen was very upset with this. Now she left the poisonous snake in the bed of the Princess. Parrot woke the princess up to sleep.

Now queen decided to kill the princess by herself. She took sword and started went in the room of the princess. Princess was fast asleep. As cunning queen attempted to kill again macaw again came between and macaw’s head cut off with the sword. As his head cut off macaw turned into a handsome prince. Prince pulls of his sword to kill the queen. Queen became afraid with this and run from there. Princess saw prince and asked, “How you disguised yourself as a parrot. Princess told that he was cursed by a saint.” Price took princess with him in his kingdom.

Moral- Whatever God does, that is always good for us. Like this story if Prince was cursed, he will not get a beautiful princess like her.

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Stories for kids

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