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Lion and the cow

Lion and the cow story, There was a jungle in which four cows lived. They were best friends and always, helped each other. In the morning they used to go to the field for food, which was far from his house. In the evening they used to come back to his house.

Lion and the cow story

Lion and the cow story

One day a lion saw them while they were grazing. Lion attacked them but all fought against the lion. He had to go away. Lion tried to separate them so he can hunt them one by one. He called a fox and gave them the task of separating them and promised to give a reward for that. Fox agreed on them

The next day, the fox went to cows. She flattered and showed his fake concern about them. She tried to friendly with them; one of them understood his cleverness. As the fox went away that cow told, what he felt, but no one took that seriously. The rest of them trust fox and didn’t feel any danger with him. (Lion and the cow story)

Every day cows used to go to the field and the fox started to come daily where she did meet all of them. Now all the cows started to trust her. Fox started backbiting each other. She went to the younger one and said’ “hello dear friend, if you don’t mind I like to tell you something.

Cow – yes tell me…!!!

Fox – your friends are not fair with you. the

Cow – how…?

Fox – look everyone except you eating green and healthy green and give them dried grass. 

Cow –… it’s not like that.

But the cow was in doubt after listening the fox. Similarly, she went to all the cows one by one and did the same. One day they fought with each other for the best place on the field. 

Finally, the fox divided them. They started grazing separately. This was the right time for the lion to come into action. He hunts all the four cows one by one and gave the reward to the fox.

Moral- there is strength in unity. If you do not unite any lion can hunt you. 


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