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Honest Wood cutter

Long ago, there was a woodcutter, lived in a village. He was very honest and sincere for his work. He had to go in the deep forest and cut the branches of the tree for his livelihood. This was the his daily routine. Moral stories for kids

One day, he cut the tree whose branches goes above the river. He was cutting the branches above the river. While working his axe fell into the river. The river was deep; he tried a lot but he failed to get his axe back. He started crying because he had only one axe. Without it he was not able to earn his bread

Moral stories for kids

Moral stories for kids

Listening this, river goddess came out. He asked hi, “why are you crying..?” Woodcutter told all the incident. Goddess went into the river and bring out a silver axe and showed to him. She asked him, “is it your’s..?” Woodcutter was honest. He replied, “this is not mine.” Goddess went again and bring golden axe. She asked again same question but he refused.

At last goddess brought wooden axe and asked again. Seeing his axe woodcutter became happy and said, “yes, this is none.” Goddess became very impressed with the honesty of the woodcutter and gave all the axes to the woodcutter. Moral stories for kids.

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