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Gratitude Of The Clay


 There was a potter who was making something with clay. His hands were filled with clay soil. Suddenly, his wife came there and asks him that what he was doing..? Potter replied politely to his wife, “I am making a chilam (Hookah, used for smoking). It has big demand in the market. So it will sell in the number of quantity and we will earn more money.” His wife told, “Why are you not making water pitchers because the summer season is coming. It will have more demand than earthen pipe in the market and it will sell in the number of quantity. Potter said, “You are right dear. Then Potter started mashing and mixing the clay and started giving beautiful shapes to make a water pitcher. (moral stories)


moral stories
(moral stories)


Now clay said to the potter, “what are you doing with me..? Earlier you make me as chilam” Potter replied, “I have changed my thought. Now, I am going to make a water pitcher with you.” Clay said, “I am very thankful you that you have changed your thought. This will change my whole life. If you made me chilam, I always burn myself and others also and get heated all time. Now you will make me a water pitcher. People will fill water within me so I always will be cool and keep cool other people too.”

moral stories


Moral Stories



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