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Ant and the Pigeon

There was a tree by the side of a river. An ant lived in the roots of the tree with its army. Ant was very slavish and worked the whole day. That ant was the youngest among them, so she had to do lots of work for her family. One day all of the ants gave her clothes to her for washing. She had to wash the clothes. While washing clothes, she fell into the water of the river and started crying for saving her but other ants were sleeping in their bedroom in the air condition. Now ant thought that she would have to die. (Funny Stories)

funny stories
funny stories

A pigeon lived on the tree. He was seeing all this interestingly. Ant saw him and said, “What are you watching..? Is it playing an action movie..?” Pigeon said, “No… No. it’s not an action movie, it’s a comedy show.” Ant said, “Do you have a smartphone..? I have to post my current status on what app and Instagram. Pigeon said, “Sorry…Recharge pack has expired.” You miser said the ant. Few more birds had come there and started recording the video some birds started Facebook live. Seeing this, and felt like a celebrity.

Funny Stories
Funny Stories

All this, News reporters got to know this. (Bugs were news reporters). They reached the location with their cameraman and satellite. All bugs asked him about her last wish, If you show me on T.V. my last wish will be complete, said the ant. All reports started completing her last wish. At that time pigeon thought that if an ant had died, she would be famous. Pigeon immediately picked a leaf from the tree and dropped it on the water near the ant but the ant did not want to sit on the leaf. She wanted to famous. Everyone told her again and again but she didn’t sit on the leaf.

Now, the navy of the river got to know about this. The Navy was controlled by the fishes. She immediately sent three ships to save the ant. Ships reached there and saved the ant.

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