Eye Test Of An Illiterate | Moral Stories | 2021

Eye Test Of An Illiterate

One day a man went to a clinic t check up for his eyes. He sat down on couch for waiting of his call. He saw that doctor was checking eyes of other patients with his own experimental common specs and there was a board in front of patient. Doctor put first specs on patient’s eyes asked the patient had he seen what is written on the board…? Patient replied, “No, it is not visible to me.” Doctor again change the specs and asked same question. In this time the patient was not able to see. Third time doctor change specs and asked same thing. This time patient saw everything clearly.(bedtime stories for kids)
bedtime stories for kids
bedtime stories for kids
The man who came there for checking his eyes was observing the doctor and the patient. The doctor called another patient and tried same steps. Doctor tried two glasses but third glass was working on that patient. The next call was his person who was waiting. The doctor tested all glasses one by one on him and asked him, “can you see now..?” doctor tried many glasses but he couldn’t see. Now doctor asked him , “Are you eligible for reading.” The man said, “No, I am illiterate. That’s why you could not see. The doctor said. Doctor said, “What are you doing here…?” That person replied, “I thought after wearing glasses I will able to read everything. The doctor explained him, “the spectacles help you to see when you are literate.” bedtime stories for kids More Stories Two Pigeons and tortoise
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